Our Story

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Founded by Priyanka Rai in December 2020, PoP Policy's main objective is to deliver incisive policy that cuts through the noise and creates the catalyst of change. 

About our Founder and Principal, Priyanka Rai, MSc IB

Our Founder and Principal, Priyanka Rai, has had an accomplished career spanning three continents. Priyanka has demonstrated skills of working in a wide range of complex areas from investment banking, sustainability and biodiversity to healthcare, aged care and disability sector.


Priyanka is well recognised and reputed in both Australian federal and state policy networks, as well as global networks for her incisive skills in strategy, policy, advocacy, strategic communications and executive management.


Priyanka founded PoP Policy in 2020 to bring her conservation, community and social services expertise to the fore with a consultancy focussed on assisting those organisations that do not have the resources or capacity to have a dedicated policy and strategy focus.


Priyanka has specialised expertise in assisting organisations to understand their operating environment and become more effective in allocating resources and managing risk to get results.